Rise Wise is tailored to drive organisational success. Grounded in a science-based integrated view of the whole human it helps individuals take micro steps for macro benefits for themselves and the company. Living, working and leading with mindfulness is the foundation of the program. It offers a roadmap to developing the inner skills to live wholehearted lives while increasing effectiveness, creativity and performance in life and at work.

The Challenge

In our hyper-connected, fast-moving and ever-changing world, stress and burnout have become major concerns in corporations. In the UK alone, $50 billion is lost every year due to absenteeism and presenteeism (working unproductively due to stress) according to a recent RAND Corporation study. This drop in performance and engagement is equivalent to nearly 2% of the country’s GDP. Work should be energising, not exhausting.

Realising Human Potential

When we learn to tap into our inner wisdom we multiply our impact. We are greater than we imagine, and often painfully unaware of what is holding us back. Rise Wise invites individuals to step into the knowing of who they are and how they can bring their gifts to the world. It allows participants to dwell in the awareness that at this moment their life matters, and this is the time to begin.