The program can be delivered in one intervention or split into several parts. The process moves through four States of Being in order maximise the realisation of Human Potential.*

  1. BEING AWARE: Self Awareness & Resilience
  2. BEING INSPIRED: Core Presence & Potentiality
  3. BEING ABUNDANT: Gratitude & Trust
  4. BEING IN SERVICE: Vision & Connection

* From Being At Full Potential.

Pre Program

Internal communication campaigns are often used to raise visibility, credibility and participation, and in order to manifest the organisation's commitment to the wellbeing of their people. Before the program individuals take a Human Potential survey in order to asses and understand their current state of Being and to identify opportunity areas for themselves, their teams and the organisation.

Post Program

Shifting beliefs and adopting new behaviours require ongoing effort and structure. At the completion of the program individuals are invited to join a peer support network to help assist and motivate each other. Support in terms of coaching, check-ins, resources, and shorter Building Momentum workshops are available to consolidate and sustain the transformational impact. Post program, individuals undertake the Human Potential survey again to measure impact and identify further opportunities for individual and collective growth.